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Character Name: Tom Marvolo Riddle

E-mail: JMPeters05@yahoo.com

Aim: DixieLePhant

Character LiveJournal: His_Heir

House: Slytherin

Year in School: Fifth

Birth Date: ?/?/1926

Parentage: Son of Tom Riddle I (muggle), and an unnamed Witch

Back Story: Shortly before Tom was born his father, Tom Riddle Sr., discovered his mother's magical nature and abandoned her. She died just after giving birth to Tom jr. having only enough time to name him. He was raised in a muggle orphanage. He entered Hogwarts at age eleven in the year 1937, and slowly gathered a group of friends that eventually became called the Death Eaters because of his obsessive fear of death (this name will come about during the course of the role-play, for now they don't have a name). He is a misogynist, a manipulator, a control freak, has problems with anger management, is completely paranoid, and self-assured.

Talents: Has skill in all subjects, but specializes in the Dark Arts. Was once a very skilled seeker for the Slytherin quidditch team, but quit the game complaining of chronic wrist pain ever since an injury acquired while playing. The injury doesn't actually hurt him, he has grown very fearful that another, similar incident will occur and wound him more permanently. He has a photographic memory, and is very adept at Legimency. He is a parcel-tongue.

Hobbies: Hunts down untraceable protection magic. He himself is, at age fifteen, guarded by over fifty-seven protection charms, none of which can be discovered.

Elective Classes (3rd years and up only): Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures (good with snakes).